What to know about arborist reports in Portland

An arborist report is a formal document compiled by an arborist that gives their professional opinion on the health and condition of a tree. In addition, an arborist report can also detail the effects that a site’s conditions have on trees or the tree canopy. Oregon Forestry Consulting is a full-time business that specializes in compiling these arborist reports in Portland, Oregon area.

What is an arborist report?

An arborist report is a document prepared by an arborist, or tree care professional. The report typically contains an assessment of the trees on a property, including their health, condition, and any recommended treatments. The report may also include an estimate of the cost of treating the trees.

The purpose of an arborist report is to provide the client with information about any significant issues that may affect the value, health, or safety of their trees. This allows them to make informed decisions on whether they want to maintain or remove trees, how much it would cost to treat certain problems, and which problems are most pressing. An arborist report can also serve as helpful documentation in case a lawsuit arises down the road over damage done by defective trees.

What does an arborist report include?

Generally speaking, an arborist report should include some combination of the following things:

– A full assessment of the current condition of all trees on the property

– A clear explanation of the methodology used to arrive at their assessment

– An accurate identification of each tree, including its species and condition

– A breakdown of how severe any identified issues are by category (life-threatening, very serious, moderate, mild)

– Risk analysis for all identified problems

– Identification of any immediate threats to life or limb posed by existing conditions

– Identification of “treatable” issues – i.e. problems that are not currently endangering the trees but may require attention in the future

– A prioritization list which ranks recommended treatments by urgency and cost effectiveness

– Estimates for each treatment option including total costs and projected return on investment ​(ROI) if applicable.

How is Oregon Forestry Consulting able to compile arborist reports for the Portland, Oregon area

Oregon Forestry Consulting is able to compile arborist reports for the Portland, Oregon area by having an experienced certified arborist. Mike Pardew has a wealth of experience and expertise in the field of arboriculture. He is also up-to-date with the latest industry standards and practices. He is able to help clients by assessing their trees, shrubs, and other plant life. He can distinguish the species of the various plants for your next landscaping project or home renovation. The certified arborist can also provide information on how to care for your existing trees. He does not only look at the health of the tree but will also check if there is anything hazardous around it before making any recommendations.

What are some of the benefits of having an arborist report compiled for your property

There are a number of benefits to having an arborist report compiled for your property. First, an arborist report can help you identify any potential hazards posed by the trees on your property. Second, an arborist report can help you understand the health of your trees and identify any potential problems. Third, an arborist report can help you determine if any trees need to be removed or trimmed. Finally, an arborist report can help you learn more about the trees on your property and the care that they need.

An arborist report should be compiled when there is a change in ownership of a property, when there is a change in the use of a property, when trees are being planted or removed, when there is an insurance claim involving trees, and when a tree falls on a property.


An arborist report is a document prepared by an expert in the field of tree care. It includes details about trees and other plants on your property, including species identification and condition assessment. An arborist will also provide information about potential hazards to life or limb posed by existing conditions as well as treatments for various issues that may be needed in the future. If you need help with this type of documentation, we’re ready and waiting to partner with you to create arborist reports in Portland. Let us know what questions you have so we can get started!

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