The importance of tree care for Homeowners

Tree care is essential for both the tree and homeowner. An arborist will work with you to develop a plan that will help protect your trees from insects, disease, drought, storm damage and other problems that could harm them. If you are not sure who to turn to when it comes time for tree trimming or other services, look no further than Oregon Forestry Consulting! We offer a variety of services such as: Tree Trimming (tree shaping), Fertilization (plant food) and Pruning (cutting).

Tree care is essential for both the tree and homeowner

Trees are a valuable part of any community. They provide shade and help to keep the environment cooler. Trees also improve air quality and help to reduce storm water runoff. For trees to be healthy and to provide these benefits, they need proper care. Homeowners can help by providing the following:

1. Watering – Trees should be watered regularly, especially during times of drought.

2. Fertilizing – A balanced fertilizer should be applied twice a year.

3. Mulching – Mulching helps to retain moisture, inhibits weed growth, and moderates soil temperature.

4. Pruning – Pruning helps to maintain the tree’s shape and promotes healthy growth.

5. Protection – Trees should be protected from construction damage.

6. Removal – Trees that are diseased or pose a danger should be removed

As with any aspect of homeownership, the earlier problems are recognized and addressed, the better off all parties will be in the end. Tree care is no exception to this rule.  Taking the time to properly care for your trees will save you money later on and make your community a better place.

Develop a plan that will help protect your trees from insects, disease, drought, storm damage

An arborist can help develop a plan to protect your trees from potential problems. This may include protecting them from insects, disease, drought and storm damage. Arborists can also help you to understand how to properly care for your trees so that they remain healthy and beautiful.

A certified arborist can also help you to determine if your trees are healthy and the proper species for the environment they are growing in.

By hiring an experienced arborist, you can ensure that your trees remain healthy and productive while properly maintaining them at the same time. The expense of hiring an experienced professional is far less than losing a tree due to neglect or disease. Don’t be caught unaware by looking only towards the ground as a solution to plant health care. See those branches high above? You may want to let someone who knows what they’re doing have a look around. Arborists have been diagnosing and treating tree problems for many years, giving homeowners peace of mind that their trees will remain safe from harm during their lifetime.

Trees are a long-term investment, and treating them as such will ensure they stay healthy for years to come. For those living in areas where storms can be severe, proper tree care is of the highest priority. A certified arborist can develop a plan that includes specific treatments for branches that could potentially break from ice or heavy raindrops. In some cases, these branches may need to be removed to avoid damage to the home and gardens below.

A properly maintained landscape is an absolute necessity for homeowners who want their trees to remain healthy and beautiful through the seasons of life.

Tree Trimming

When it comes to tree trimming, there are both practical and aesthetic reasons for doing it. Pruning trees helps them grow in the correct direction, makes them stronger, and keeps them from becoming too tall and thin. It also keeps them from becoming hazardous to people or property. Trimming trees regularly also makes them more attractive and can help increase their lifespan. There are some rules to know when trimming trees, however. The first is that the tree’s branches should never be cut right at ground level; this takes away their ability to absorb sunlight and nutrients. Trimming trees is an activity that requires proper knowledge so as not to do damage.

Tree pruning should be done during winter for deciduous treesĀ  and fallĀ  for evergreen varieties. Branches may be covered with sap which makes them difficult or impossible to cut without specialized tools, and sap also contains sugars which can cause dangerous infections in wounds if it comes into contact with eyes or open sores on the skin. If a branch has been damaged from harsh weather or disease, you should make any cuts several inches away from the damage. Tree branches should also be cut without leaving any stubs, because they are difficult for other plants to grow around and may eventually fall off on their own.

Timing for Pruning

Uncut trees are unsightly, even if they are healthy. As mentioned, for deciduous trees pruning should happen during winter before new foliage appears, while evergreens are best pruned in the fall. Pruning at the wrong time can cause damage to your tree’s health or triggers early growth which will only have to be removed later on when it might do more harm than good. You can cut away dead wood whenever you see it but should not touch green wood that is still growing, as doing so could weaken the entire tree later on.

If you live in a neighborhood where many neighbors have trees, it’s best to do tree trimming in a staggered pattern so as not to leave large groups of trees looking ragged and unattractive all at the same time. To keep your yard looking well-kept when there are no leaves on the trees, simply follow these simple rules: 1) don’t let anything die; 2) prune regularly; 3) cut away damaged wood without leaving stubs. Doing so will ensure that your trees stand out for their beauty rather than detracting from everything else around them with messy or shabby appearances.

Homeowners who want to keep their trees healthy and attractive should consider hiring an arborist to perform regular tree trimming. Arborists have the knowledge and experience necessary to properly prune trees, and can help homeowners protect their trees from damage caused by storms or pests. Properly trimmed trees will be healthier and more aesthetically pleasing than those that are not regularly maintained. Furthermore, hiring an arborist to do the job for you can help ensure that all heights are consistent across the entire neighborhood.

To find out more about how tree trimming services can help maintain your yard’s landscape, contact Oregon Forestry Consulting.

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